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Schedule for Fall of 2017

Food Safety

    Harwich – October 16th – registration closed

    North Adams – October 31st

    Harwich – November 13th 

    Private Options

Due to scheduling conflicts Locations will be limited.  If we are not serving your location please consider becoming a Host – it’s simple and easy.    

    Hosting Options – if interested in hosting a class, please contact the office at least 4 weeks prior to hour ideal date.



Meet Heather

Natural Solutions NewsletterFor prompt response to questions email us at solutions8535@gmail.com.


Food Safety – We specializes in helping you and your business succeed.   We will help train your employees utilizing the ServSafe material.   We start by assessing your business and then offer sound recommendations on how to improve the quality of service you provide to your customers.  This combination of Assessment and Education can ultimately help improve your bottom dollar.

Fresh Food

 – Looking for a personal approach to your health, Heather utilizes the ‘Eat Right4 Your Blood Type’ nutrition plan in order to optimize your health.

We hope you find our Food Safety and Nutrition sections helpful.  Call or email with any questions.

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