January 9th – have you scrapped your New Years Resolutions already?   Mine is still a work in progress.

Well this is a New Year and we are going to achieve our goals this year.

In order to help us all achieve our maximum potential we will do this together.  This week is all about taking an HONEST look of our current situation.    This is a challenging step because we have to be honest with ourselves.  Click here to print off the forms (PDF format) needed to complete your assessment.  If I feel brave I will post mine and we can support each other.

What do you want to achieve?  A number on the scale?  A new pant size?  Firm muscles? Healthier habits? To run a marathon (not me)?   Mine is to wear a dress without wearing Spanx underneath!

Assessment Week

Until next week – stay strong!  Heather


Strive for progress not perfection

I love it!!!! This will be my go to phrase for the week.

A quick summary of the steps you need to complete this week:

  1. Record starting weight
  2. Record body measurements
  3. Determine a long term goal
  4. Keep a DETAILED food diary
  5. Keep a DETAILED exercise diary
  6. Weigh yourself 3 times this week

(Not sure why I need 300 words to make this show up better but here it is… I’m going to write non-sense until I achieve the 300 words.   So my rambling thoughts:  Why is exercise so challenging?  I wish I enjoyed exercising more and I wish I had more time to myself so I could exercise more.   But I guess in reality I do have time, I just find ways to fill the free time – like writing rambling senseless posts like this one.  I think I must be near 300 words – lets see).  Tomorrow I will be better.