A New Start at New Year’s Resolutions

HeatherYes it’s mid February and I’ve already lost my New Year’s Resolutions but I’m ready for a new start.

I’m not giving up on the goals I set in January, I’m just re-starting them again.  And you can too.   This game of creating a healthy us is not suppose to be easy or perfect.   Just like riding a bike we need to keep trying it until we get it right.  So here’s to your new start too.

On January 9th I posted to posts – one that should have shown up the week before but thanks to an edit it showed up on January 9th.    Assessment week – a hard week because we have to be honest with ourselves.   So let’s look at my assessment.    A few things I learned along the way:

  1. I love to eat – all the timeredwine_cheese
  2. I have no self control.  I get hungry, then I get cranky when I try to control my portions, then I give up.
  3. I love to have my (2) glasses of wine at dinner time.   3 and and I’m a waste product, and 2 is probably too much but one just isn’t enough.  Plus I have to admit that the perfect dinner for me is a glass of red wine and cheese.
  4. I’m not a fan of exercise, especially in the winter.  I can find any excuse not to go for a walk – inside or out (yes – I have a treadmill in the basement) or to put an exercise video in (and I have them all – yoga to Extreme Body with that muscular dude) or to even sit on the floor and stretch.

Those are probably my biggest issues I have to overcome.    I have noticed when the weather is nice outside I’m more motivated to go for a walk.  I prefer to walk alone but my lack of motivation makes that a problem.   Since I’ve put on a few extra pounds over the last 6 months I really need  to kick myself into shape.   Thus I’m starting over again.   So here’s to week 2.

Revisit those New Years Resolutions - it's time for a New StartCreating SMART Goals

Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely

Remember we are not DIETing – we are Developing Intelligent Eating Techniques

My Goals for the week:

Nutrition: Take 2-3 capsules Flax seed oil daily (one with B-L-D)

Exercise:  Walk 1 mile each day (it’s not gong to be that nice this week but I have time )

Spiritual: I’m putting this one off until next week.

I’ll see you next week – along wth my log sheet for all to see.