Another week, another attempt

Another week - another attemptHere we go again – reaching my health goals is a constant battle.   So we here are: another week, another attempt.

Last week I did ok at reaching my goals – especially considering 2 of the days I was traveling and sitting on a plane, in an airport or in a car.  Those were long days but I did manage to get over 10,000 steps in on those days.

This week I’m struggling with trying to limit my glass of wine to one glass a night (most days I have 2 glasses of wine even though I am very content after 1) or getting in more exercise.    Both are a challenge for me and I know I can’t accomplish both so it’s a struggle deciding which I’m going to be able to accomplish.    Considering a few personal things going on I think I best try to up my exercise – maybe that will also help manage the stress.

So this weeks goals will be:

  • Walk at least 1 mile every day or get in 10,000 steps (not necessarily exercise but it’s movement)
  • Take 2-3 Flaxseed tablets each day
  • Get in at least 5 minutes of core exercise

I know what you’re thinking – pathetic goals, but for me – this is all I can handle at the moment.    I will still continue to try to eat healthy and keep a positive attitude.

I hope you realize too that you don’t need to set gigantic goals.  Baby steps is all it takes. And a bit of motivation.  So don’t let last week or last nights mistakes hold you back, remember it’s another week and you can make another attempt.   It’s not perfection we’re working towards it’s progress.  What is your long term goal?   What one small goal can you attack this week to help you reach that goal?  Just one – not 2 or 3.

Find something fun to help keep you motivated.   I think I will continue to post pictures of my walks or adventures that will help prove that I’m actually out walking.

I am also a firm believer in the Blood Type diet.

Each blood type has specific foods that are harmful to you.    Here is an excellent article written by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo on Lectins and their affect on your body.    This link is to the D’Adamo March 2017 Newsletter.    I can offer support on following this lifestyle plan.

Here is an example of Blood Type and Inflammation: