Lyme Disease – part one

Part One – Lyme disease

Pesty little TickWho would have guessed that I would be writing about Lyme disease?    My first post is going to be a rant because I am angry with myself for missing the signs.

And here’s how did it all started . . .

In 4th grade, way back in 2002, the school nurse took a tick off of my daughters scalp and promptly told me it wasn’t the Lyme carrying tick and we had nothing to worry about – MISTAKE #1

Then the odd symptoms started to appear – heart palpations, always cold, being constantly tired….the list went on and on.

Easy to pick up a Tick this wayFor years she was in and out of doctors offices – being tested for Lyme disease (never a full positive panel), low thyroid, hypoglycemia, neurological tests, heart monitors… this list went on and on too.

It wasn’t until high school that she was diagnosed with general anxiety and started on medication.

And this went on for years too.  It wasn’t  until I went to a Dietitians Convention and attended a seminar on Lyme Disease and the Nutrition Implications.  WOW – what an eye opening experience.  They described my daughter to a T.    
Then came the process of trying to find a Lyme Latent MD who would be able to properly test and treat her.    Add into this a major move – partly because she was tired of always being cold.    Now in South Carolina, where it’s warm, we had to start finding a support system there.


So where to start – understanding  Lyme disease is complicated.   That pesky little creature can create such havoc and destroy lives, or at least put them on hold.

#1 the majority of people will NEVER see the infamous Bulls Eye ring.   Frequently the ring appears on the scalp, which is covered with hair.

#2 delayed treatment is the norm because so few Doctors diagnose Lyme disease – even here on Cape Cod where  Lyme disease is super prevalent.

And this is where I’m going to end today – because I don’t like reading super long blogs.    I will add, and try to link to the other posts as I add them.  My goal is to provide as much evidence based information as possible.    Please contact me if you have any questions or need support.