Fall Survival

Are food allergies preventing you from enjoying the best Fall has to offer?

Check out these Fall Survival tips

Communication is key.  Speak up and ask specific questions and don’t assume a food is made following the same recipe you do.

  • Peanut or nut allergy: Be weary of foods that traditionally contain nuts but the label states no nuts.  Examples include: Banana bread; apple crisp; granola
  • Gluten-free or Gluten intolerant: Ask questions such as:

    Are hamburgers and the flourless chocolate cake made with bread crumbs? Is the chicken flour-dusted? Is the sauce made from a roux that includes wheat flour? Are french fries fried in the same oil as breaded items such as chicken fingers?

  • Milk or dairy allergy:  Ask questions like these:

    Does the marinara sauce have Parmesan cheese? Is the steak finished off with butter? Do you add milk to your omelets? Can oil be used instead of butter to sauté green beans?