Prevent Allergic Reactions

The Big 8Prevent Allergic Reactions by following a few key steps.

  • It is the customers responsibility to inform you if they have a food allergy
  • It is your responsibility to prepare the food without the allergen if possible; If not, inform the customer they should order something else


  • Know the ingredients in all foods that you prepare
  • When preparing food for a customer or family member with an allergy
    • Wash, rinse and sanitize the entire work area and equipment
    • Wash your hands correctly and put on a clean pair of gloves
    • Prepare the food away from other foods, utilize equipment specifically designated equipment
  • When preparing batters, be very careful not to cross contaminate or use batter for more than one food.


  • Buffets can present a risk for customers with an allergy.
  • Ensure every item has it’s own serving utensil; utensils are store in the food item
  • Hand deliver the food to the customer.

Buffets present many dangers