Cleaning Suggestions

Clean and SanitizeCleaning Suggestions

  1. Plan ahead – schedule a Cleaning party.   Preferably when you’re closed or during the night.   Create a list of items that need to be cleaned.  Assign everyone a task or two.   Need help?   Click here.
  2. GREEN is for CLEAN, RED is for Sanitizing
  3. Make it a priority – all hands on deck.   Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.   Invest in maintaining a clean kitchen.   This may Cleaning Crewinclude spending a few extra dollars to pay your employees to stay and clean – an investment in your future – and theirs.   Compare the cost of 8 employees for 8 hours to the cost of a food borne illness outbreak or worse yet – being shut down for a day or two by the health inspector.
  4. Have all of the necessary cleanig tools and equipment ready.
  5. Rip it apart – start at the top and work your way down.  Dig into the mess and thoroughly clean it.  This is also the time to re-organize and make the flow work.
  6. Steam clean – as much as possible
  7. Get Cleaning UnderCreative – take honest BEFORE pictures and AFTER pictures to show your employees the difference.
  8. Brillo pads, strong brushes
  9. Cleaning products – degreaser; de-lime
  10. Hand vacuum
  11. Steam cleaner
  12. Lots of extra rags and buckets
  13. Did you clean these key areas:
    1. Shelves
    2. Drawers
    3. Cupboards
    4. Knife rack
    5. Oven
    6. Stove
    7. Refrigerator – shelves; floors, walls
    8. Underside of the tables
    9. Under the dishwasher
    10. Behind the stove
    11. Storage room – includes moving racks
    12. Clean utility room
  14. Celebrate a job well done