Things to Clean

It’s Spring Cleaning time and we’re here to help ensure you’ve off to a good start.

Dust Pan Remember these key things to clean.

Ceilings and Walls – get into this; scrub and scrape; check for dust and splatter

Sides of all the units – break down that grease build up; scrub until it shines

Floors – don’t forget the coving and grouted areas

FloorUtensil drawers – pull them out, and clean them out.  They accumulate crumbs and all other kinds of nasty items.

Underside of shelving and carts – be prepared for a scary site.

Storage areas – remove all items; sweep and mop

Microwave – #1 this should never be dirty because everything heated in here should be covered but either way give this a good thorough cleaning  Microwave

Oven – needs a solid cleaning job especially if it is being used a lot


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