Things to Clean

It’s time to clean and we’re here to help ensure you’ve off to a good start.

Dust Pan Remember these key items to clean.

Ceilings and Walls – get into this; scrub and scrape; check for dust and splatter

Sides of all the units – break down that grease build up; scrub until it shines

Floors – don’t forget the coving and grouted areas; steam clean and replace all missing grout

FloorUtensil drawers – pull them out, and remove all crumbs and other accumulated nasty items

Underside of shelving and carts – be prepared for a scary site.

Storage areas – remove all items; sweep and mop

Microwave – #1 this should never be dirty because everything heated in here should be covered but either way give this a good thorough cleaning  Microwave

Oven – needs a solid cleaning job especially if it is being used a lot

Utility Closet – this should be clean and organized

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Remember just one day on failing to complete routine cleaning can result in a domino effect.    Before you know it the kitchen is out of hand and out of control.    Cleaning is not an option it is mandatory, necessary and essential to the success of your building.

If you need help setting up cleaning schedules, tagging them to jobs or an inspection with recommendations – contact us.   Don’t wait until it’s too late.