Tailgate TimeIt’s tailgate time again with the start of the football season.   No matter who you’re cheering for we’re all at the party together.

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Don’t sideline your team – minute bacteria and viruses can ruin the day.    They are invisible to the naked eye and only a tiny amount can make you sick.  Make the best of the football season by following these tips.

Follow the Game Plan: 

  • Start with enough CLEAN coolers with lots of ice or cold packs.
  • An easy pool tower

    An easy pool tower

    Encroachment: Transport meats separately from prepared foods.   Stack food according to cooking temperatures:

    • Whole cuts of meat & fish on top (cook to 145°F)
    • Ground meats & fish (cook to 155°F)
    • Poultry (cook to 165°F)
  • Bring thermometers so you will know that your cold food is held at 40°F or below.
  • Holding – use an inflatable pool filled with ice to keep cold food cold.  It’s the end of the summer season so snag a great sale on an inflatable pool for your next game.   They are easy to blow up (tire pump) and easy to deflate at the end of the game.   (Hint: fill a 5 gallon bucket with ice for easy transport then use the bucket as a support for a smaller container).
  • Keep it on with a grill

    Keep it on with a grill

    Keep it hot – if electricity is available, bring a crock pot and keep all the hot foods hot.  If electricity is not available fill a cooler with HOT water while home to heat up the cooler.   Before leaving empty the hot water and add your hot items.    Hot foods can be held without temperature control of up to 4 hours.   That’s the limit.   Throw the food out before coming home – you don’t want to be tempted or get sick.   A simple Coleman grill is another great option to heat up hot food.

  • Cooking – meat thermometer to assure that those burgers and brats are cooked sufficiently to kill any harmful bacteria?
  • Illegal Use of Hands – Clean hands, utensils and surfaces is key to staying safe during football season.
    Make a hand washing station

    Make a hand washing station

    • Bring washcloths already wet and with soap on them,  and an extra jug of water for a quick wash and rinse.
    • Make a hand washing station
    • If all else fails bit lots of Wet Ones