Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Solutions NewsletterHere are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

ServSafe Manager Training questions: 

  1. Do you offer a recertification or refreshed course?  No and this is why:
    1. The exam is a mystery and I can’t guaranteed what is going to be on the exam.
    2. New information includes:
      1. 2 step cooling stage – do you know the 2 steps? and the temperatures for each step?
      2. Time as a Public Health Control – there are different guidelines for holding hot vs. cold foods.  Do you know those guidelines?
      3. What does ALERT stand for?
    3. Old information is still on the exam, but do you remember:
      1. who inspects food being transported across state lines
      2. the cooking temperature for ground beef, ground poultry and ground fish?  Are they the same?
  2. How does the online exam work?  Can I take it at my home or office?  The online exam is given by a Proctor using a computer or laptop. Results of the online exam are available immediately after the exam.   You can take Food Protection Manager exam at home/office if you have scheduled a private exam with the Proctor; the Proctor needs to be present during the exam.
  3. We are a small business that does not serve cooked-to-order food, why do we need to have the ServSafe Certificate?   # 1 – because you serve food to the public and all food has the potential to cause harm if incorrectly handled.  #2 – because the certificate ensures you have a general understanding of food safety principles and will carry over to any other jobs you may take on.   Remember the ServSafe Certificate belongs to a person, not a business, therefore whoever is on staff when the business is open should be ServSafe Certified.  Frequently asked: Do I have to attend class?
  4. What is included in the cost?  The best option, #1,  includes the ServSafe Managers book (6th ed.), classroom instruction, lunch and the exam.
    Cost: $205. Make sure you’re comparing Apples to Apples when choosing a class.
  5. How long does the class run?  Most classes start promptly at 9 AM.  We take a short 5 minute break every hour and have a working lunch break.   Past experiences has shown that most people do not want to sit in a class all day so we move through the course content at a steady pace.Lunch is provided to ensure we best utilize the time we have together.
  6. What time does the exam start?   The exam starts between 1-1:30 PM.  You have 2 hours to complete the exam,although most are finished within an  hour.

  7. How hard is the exam?
     The exam has become increasingly more difficult over the past few years.
    Review of the material prior to class is essential for your success on the exam.  The exam consists of 90 multiple choice questions.
    There are 10 pilot questions no the exam that will have no bearing on your final grade.
    A  75% is considered a passing grade.
  8. Is the exam open book? or can I use my notes?   The exam is not open book and notes are not permitted.  Talking and sharing answers is also not permitted.
  9. I have dyslexia (or any other concern) can I be accommodated?   Exam accommodations can be made for language as well as disabilities.
    These accommodations mut be made in advance prior to class.
    A paper dictionary translating English to your primary language is allowed if notified prior to the exam. No electronic devices are allowed to be used at any time during the exam.
  10. When will I have my results?   Paper exam results are available within 10 business days of the exam.   Online exam results are available immediately.
  11. What if I need immediate certification? Online exams are available at most class locations for additional charge if immediate certification is needed.Laptop with wireless capability is required for the online exam,Questions - exam dates although laptops are available if needed.
  12. What if I fail the exam?  We will schedule you for another class or exam or schedule a private online exam.  There are numerous options to ensure your success.
  13. How far in advance should I register?  At least 2 weeks.
    This time frame ensures you will receive the ServSafe Manager book and provide you will some time to review prior to class.    We have a lot of information to review during class so you will benefit by reviewing the
    information in advance.  Pre-registration is required.  See below
  14. Do I need to attend a class?   The short answer is NO, but there have been numerous changes in the Food Code over the last 5 years, making attendance in a class is highly recommended.  If you still do not want to sit through a class at least purchase the newest edition of the ServSafe Manager’s book,currently in it’s 6th edition, updated with the 2013 FDA Food Code.
    Another option is to take the online course in the convenience of your own home.   Just remember the ex
    am is proctored.
  15. My schedule has changed, can I cancel?
    Unfortunately no, as all sales are final, especially if the ServSafe material has been mailed to you.  However you can reschedule the exam or training session for a nominal fee, $25.   Rescheduling should be made within three moths from the date of purchase.   Failure to show up for class without notice will result in a $75 rescheduling fee.  Classes fill up early and your empty seat results in someone else not being able to attend.
  16. How long is my certification good for?  5 years!  Remember to make a copy of your certificate and store it in a safe place.   Natural Solutions does not keep copies of certificates.

More Questions

Training Options

  1. Train your employeesDo you offer other training options?  Yes.
    We offer private training for the ServSafe Manager.  We also offer Employee training.   This training covers the essential topics and all classes will be customize to meet your businesses needs.  Click here for more information onEmployee Training.

Allergy Certification

  1. How do I obtain the Massachusetts Food Allergen Training?  This is the easy one.  Follow this link:  Massachusetts Allergen.  Cost $10, taken in the comfort of your own home.  Remember to print off you certificate when done.

Frequently Asked Questions – did I forget one?  Submit your question and we will answer it.