February 2017

Employee(click for the) ServSafe Training Schedule – updated February 2017

The month of May is being dedicated to Employee Training.  Call now to schedule a customized training for your employees.

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The Cape and Plymouth Business magazine ran a wonderful article on life in the restaurant world.  I am happy to say a few past participants were interviewed and provided some insight to success in this crazy business.  Congratulations to Scargo CafeJolly Bean Cafe and the Cape Sea Grille for your contributions.

Inspections – love them or  hate them, our Inspectors have a hard job.

Think about this: Inspection
* Food code recommendations change every 4 years.
* Each state adopts what they want and this can vary from State to State.  Regulations can also vary from town to town creating a concerns for businesses with multiple locations.
The solution:
 Strive to meet the strictest food safety recommendations available.  Inspections let you know you are meeting the minimum not the maximum – you should always strive to exceed.
* Be prepared for your inspection – 9 tips to help you prepare.
Staff meetings are essential to ensure everyone is on the same page.
* What to do when an inspector arrives … read more

Drindrinkgarnishesk Garnishes

Make sure you’re handling your drink garnishes correctly … read more
     * Prepare on CLEAN and sanitized approved food contact surfaces
     * Refrigerate
     * Safely store at the bar – away from customers (dirty hands)
     * Bartender hand hygiene      … read more


Aprons being taken to the rest room and gently placed on the floor or hung over the door.
FYI: Aprons are part of your work uniform and are meant to PROTECT the customer from contamination.   Do NOT take your apron to the restroom, on a smoke break or out to the dumpster.

IceIncorrect Ice Handling
I’ve seen both managers and owner (along with bartenders and waitresses) use glass-glasses to scoop ice.   Ice is a food and you need to treat it as such.

  • Dip the glass into the ice bucket
  • Scoop with your hands
  • Store bottles or other items in ice the is going to be used for consumption


Whole Fowholefoodsods is recalling Chicken SaladThe short of the story: 204 pounds of consumer ready chicken salad products with a “Sell By” date of 1/24/2017 are recalled because of misbranding. They actually contain egg salad.

Sargento Cheese
Deutsch Kase Haus recalls cheese that was distributed to Sargento.  A number of cheeses are being recalled due too a potential contamination of Listeriamonocytogenes.  Check your cheese supply.  Sargento Cheese Recalled