January 2017

EmployeeJanuary 2017 – Food Safety in the New Year

January edition of ServSafe Training Schedule – updates to follow.

The month of May is being dedicated to Employee Training.  Call now (508-430-8535) to schedule your customized training.

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2017 a New Year – a New You

Body MeasurementsJanuary is the perfect time to make a change.  Are you tired of your weight yo-yo-ing  up an down.    Follow these simple steps to make changes once and for all.
Assessment Week – take an honest look at where you are right now.
Week 1 – check my blog for week 1’s post about setting realistic goals (available 1/16/17 after you complete the Assessment week)
I will be completing this myself and blogging for the next 4 weeks.    Follow along with me – I may even be brave enough to post my #’s and progress.

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It’s time to clean

I know I sound like a broken record but now is the time to clean.   Start the year off with a clean kitchen – it will make daily cleaning an easier task.

A recent inspection revealed the following food safety violations:

Need help with a cleaning plan?    Call to schedule an appointment or follow these Cleaning Tips