March 2017

March 2017 Food & Nutrition Solutions for you!

ServSafe Manager’s Schedule – updated March 2017

deliDeli Counters – Controlling Listeria 

Deli counters are probably one of my least favorite parts of shopping.   New recommendations are provided help protect the customer.  My favorite – CLEAN the equipment every 4 hours.

In honor of National Nutrition Month

Juicing is Healthy but ….juicing
Who has time to consume the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables/day?  The Solution: Juicing.  To ensure you’re not also consuming a concentrated source of bacteria and pesticides follow these juicing safety tips.

Food & ExerciseNew Year’s Resolutions revisited
So have your New Year’s Resolutions fallen to the wayside?   It’s not too late to reach your goal or to create a new one.  Follow my not-so-up-todate Blogs for some support on meeting your nutrition goals.

St. Patrick’s Day Favorites
ShakeI will find any excuse to eat.   Check out some of my favorite Gluten Free St. Patricks Day recipes.