November 2016

Food and Nutrition Newsletter – November 2016

Are your employees making these mistakes? 

Employee Training – Now is the time to train your employees.  Investing in your employees is an investment in your successful business.  2017 Class schedule will be available in December.


Thanksgiving can be the healthiest meal you provide all year long.  Just remember to maintain food safety during preparation.

  • Do NOT wash the turkey – you run the risk of spreading unwanted pathogens around your kitchen.
  • Thaw safely – plan ahead and thaw in the refrigerator.
  • Stuffing – follow these safe guidelines.
  • Cook to the correct internal temperature.
  • Cranberries – these powerhouse fruits will add nutrition and color to your meal.
  • Leftovers – don’t let this final part of the day ruin your day.  Handle all leftovers safely and don’t keep them too long.

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Food Recalls

October was a busy month for recalls.  This notable one has been updated with Safe Preparation tips and an updated distribution list.

ilver Springs Farms recalls Beef – possible E.Coli (distribution list)

Preparation Guidelines from USDA


There is new research coming out showing the benefits of a Low FODMAP diet.   Research is also showing how preparation techniques are altering the tolerance of some foods.    If you’re plagued with IBS check out the newest research being completed by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.   They have also developed an App for your phone.                         …. read more


A nutrient powerhouse.   Add Almonds throughout the day to increase both your protein intake and nutrients.   Check out these easy ideas and recipes to power pack your day.

… read more