Food & ExerciseNatural Solutions . . . provides nutrition solutions to promote your optimum health.

Nutrition Counseling – we offering customized Nutrition Counseling utilizing the Eat Right 4 Your Type plan.   Let us create customized nutrition plan that works for you. 

This spring work on Creating a New You.   We are offering a plan to help you create a lifestyle plan that guides you to a new healthier you. Get started now!

Here are some other interesting topics – take a look.

Almonds – plus some healthy delicious recipes

Cooking with Fruit – isn’t as hard as you think and is an easy way to add fiber and vitamins into your diet.

Cranberries – nutritious and easy to cook with.  Don’t lose out on this powerhouse fruit.

Crucifers – we may have hated them as children but these are a wonderful addition to any meal

Eat Right 4 Your Type – why live a life of pain and discomfort when you can alter what you eat and live a life of ease.

FODMAD diet – allergies or intolerances.  Investigate the secrets to this diet/lifestyle.  This diet is still in it’s infancy and may be worth investigating if you live with allergies.

Gluten Intolerance or Allergy? – there is a difference.

Halloween Treats

Healthy Treats

Gums – some interesting information on gums and they aren’t necessarily good for us.

Halloween Treats – can be healthy.  Don’t let the holiday of sweets kick you or your loved ones off of you healthy goals.

Oils – I love oils and you will too after reading about all of the ones we can choose from.

Prostate Health  – no one likes to talk about Prostate health but every man should read up on this.