Healthy, Happy You

Don’t let the abundance of the holiday season stop you from achieving your personal goals.   You can be Healthy and Happy.

You can transform your body into a Healthy & Happy one.

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30 days to a Healthy, Happy YouI’ve tried for years to lose those dreaded 10 pounds.   I admit I have limited self control when it comes to my nightly glass of red wine or my small piece of dark chocolate,although I am one of the odd ones, I really don’t crave sweets but I totally understand the addition part of eating.


I am working on my transformation and struggle daily with “it’s not happening fast enough”, “I’m hungry”, etc.  but I am also feeing more energized, sleeping better and feeling healthier each day.   I am reaching my goal of being a healthy, happy me and I want to help you too.

Creating the Healthy, Happy Me (You can do it too).

These pictures are a killer for me to post, but they are also motivating.    Long before 2013 I started “trying” to improve my muscle mass all while also trying to lose weight.   As you can see there hasn’t been much of a change from 2013 to 2017.    I am only a few weeks into my transformation so I will post more pictures as I get there.   My goal is to motivate you to also make a positive change in your life.   For more information on the system I am using please check out this web site:   Healthy, Happy You.

Some before and after pictures:

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