Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Incorporate some of these simple strategies to prevent holiday weight gain.

‘Tis the season, with the approach of non-stop treats, parties, drinks and lack of exercise don’t let the upcoming holiday put your health goals on the sidelines.

Eat your veggies – Sunday night cut up as many vegetables as you like.  I prefer red, green and yellow peppers, carrots and cauliflower.   Pack sandwich bags so they are ready to grab throughout the day.   Aim for 1 bag a day and if you can eat 2.   The extra fiber will fill you up and help prevent unwelcome snacking.   The benefits of consuming lots of vegetables include:

  • increased fiber
  • they will add the liver in detoxing your over indulgences
  • help curve your sweet craving

Try adding this Asian Broccoli Salad to your lunch

Stop eating after dinner – allow your self time to fast.  10-12 hours is a good amount to time to fast at night.    But remember to break-the-fast and eat breakfast.

If you must eat after dinner eat fruits or vegetables.  An apple, orange, banana, veggie sticks – keep it full of fiber and nutrition.

Eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up.  If a balanced, healthy breakfast is too much, eat something smaller just remember to break the fast.   Simple options:

  • a granola bar
  • a handful of nuts
  • a fruit or vegetable smoothie
  • a banana

Take 5!  Getting enough exercise in can be a challenge – it is dark a lot and that is a motivation drag in itself.  So make a solution.  Set your alarm clock to go off every hour and take a five minute walking break – head to the bathroom every hour if that’s what it takes.    Do you need an excuse to take this 5 minute break?   Then do this….

Drink 8 ounces of water every hour.  During an 8 hour work day that means you will drink 64 ounces of water.   Now you’ve met your water goal and your walking goal – the bathroom must be 250 steps from your desk!

Squeeze in some exercise –

  • 10 squats before you sit to use the toilet
  • 5 lunges on your way back to the desk
  • Moving floors – add in a 5 second wall squat
  • Bored at your desk – left that heavy binder 5 times on each armTake a break and pushup
  • No ones looking? 5 pushups off of your desk
  • Talking on the phone – 10 shoulder rolls

Cut back – if you’re a sweets eater, cut back.   Instead of 4 cookies – eat 2 cookies.

Alternate drinks with water.  This sounds simple but most of us forget to order the glass of water.  Add a couple of lemon or lime slices to spruce it up; order seltzer instead of plain water; order a non-alcoholic drink every other time.  No one will notice if it’s a Vodka and tonic or a Vodka and water.

Bring Fruit & Veggies – when asked to bring something to a party – bring fruit or vegetables.  There are so many cool, easy and healthy festive ideas.   Mini veggie cups, fruit skewers, turkey veggie platters.   Go to Pinterest and search away.  Here are a few of my favorite options:


Any holiday is the perfect time to eat healthy and enjoy it.   Make the best of your health goals and share with those you love.  Be creative.

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