Valentines Day & Healthy Choices

Don’t let Valentines Day sabotage your goals.   With these Healthy choices you can the day and reach still feel good about yourself.

A simple heart shaped cookie cutter, in different sizes, will help you enjoy Valentines day while making healthy choices.   And you will look like the most creative person around.  Give it a try.   Most of these ideas do not require a special recipe just a little thought.

And most importantly it’s about making a healthier choice not 100% depriving  yourself.     Enjoy the day and LOVE yourself.


  • Heart shaped pizza (made on tortilla of choice – spelt, oat or whole wheat); make them mini
  • Heart shaped mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil & balsamic vinegar – or pesto
  • Fruit kabobs – use that cookie cutter and cut into hearts
  • Heart shaped beet & goat cheese salad
  • Heart shaped shrimp cocktail
  • Cheese on crackers – cut into heart shapes
  • Heart shaped cucumber slices
  • Heart shaped strawberries (and pink yogurt dip)
  • Red & Green apples – punch out a heart shape and replace



  • Heart shaped grilled cheese & tomato soup
  • Heart shaped hamburger – or get creative with a piece of meat
  • Heart shaped pizza with added heart shaped peppers, red onions (heart shaped pepperoni if you want to be bad)
  • Add heart shaped toast to any entree for a special touch
  • Pink Micro Green Salad
  • Heart shaped quiche (made in a heart shaped cake pan)

Desserts – besides the obvious Valentines Day treats …. 

I prefer dark chocolate, fruit and a good glass of fine, but if you’re looking for some more creative options here you go …

  • Dark Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Gluten free chocolate cake (made in a heart shaped pan) – this recipe is very rich and dense.  It rises quite a bit and then collapse when cooled so be sure to top it with some strawberries and a chocolate drizzle, and maybe some whipped cream.
  • Poached pear
  • Strawberry or Raspberry yogurt parfait (layered with fruit and a little granola or angel food cake)
  • Meringue drops (reduce the sugar – you will never know)