Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that Practice makes perfect

Here are 3 exams to help you succeed:

Diagnostic Exam & Answers

Practice Exam #1
Practice Exam #2

Be sure to review the Study Material.  

The best option is to attend a class but if that’s not possible consider purchasing the newest edition of the ServSafe Course book (now in the 7th edition). 

The ServSafe Practice exam will give you a good idea of what to expect with the actual ServSafe exam.   We will review test taking tips during class but you will benefit from review of the style of questions being presented.  Print out the exams and then check your answers.

The real ServSafe exam contains 90 questions but you’re only graded on 80 of them. (The extra 10 are just “pilot questions” to determine if they will be in future exams)

  • You have to achieve a minimum score of 75% to pass the ServSafe exam.
  • Just like the real ServSafe exam, this test is multiple choice – with four possible answers.
  • The real exam has a two hour time limit, but this test is not timed.

If that wasn’t enough here are a few another exams to try:

     Other Sample Exam

     More Sample Exam

The ServSafe exam has become increasingly more difficult over the past few years.  I am frequently asked “Why do I need to know all of this information I only make (fill in your job)”.  Keep in mind the exam is designed to cover a wide range of topics that ensures you have sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from foodborne illnesses  Your certificate goes with you to other jobs so if you start as a pastry chef but 2 years later change to a sous chef then you are adequately covered.

You play a vital role in protecting the public from food borne illnesses and we are here to help you succeed in that role.

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